Still standing


Day one is past and I’m still standing.Was it difficult? Not at all!

Of course, I am full of determination and energy at this starting point. I’ve felt like this many times – as many times as I’ve begun a ‘new’ weight loss scheme.

In my twenties I weighed 8stone 6 pounds, but gradually put on weight when I left college. Suddenly I had money and could go places by car. I could afford to eat out – and often did. My job, (teaching) though not sedentary, didn’t offer many occasions for exercise. When I found myself wearing clothes that were a size larger – and mysteriously tight – I headed off to Unislim, determined to put things right.

What fun we had at Unislim! The group met in a church hall which was festooned with hand written boards bearing ‘Slogans’. The topic for the motivational talk was blazoned across the front of the tables where the lady sat waiting to take our money.

We slimmers lined up like cattle for the slaughter, waiting to be weighed.

This was an anxious time. Many of us felt the need to confess to our neighbours the many sins we had committed during the last seven days, needing to hear the reassuring responses of, “Sure you’ve nothing to worry about. You’re doing great!” and “You never know, it might not show up at all!”

Having been weighed, we trailed to the seating area to await the inevitable ‘name and shame’ session. Our sainted leader would smile widely when reading out the group’s total weight loss, and we would applaud wildly. Then the smile would vanish and reappear as she read out individual’s weight loss, depending on how well or how badly that person had done. There we sat – saints and sinners alike – each of us waiting for the hammer to fall.

This was followed by a short spiel from our leader. Sadly, our girl was not born to public speaking and the whole thing was a bit of an ordeal for her. I sometimes wanted to ask her for the script and offer to read it for her. Of course I didn’t, but continued to cringe for her week by week.

When this part of the entertainment was over, we would obediently stack our chairs and remove handbags and coats to the side of the hall, ready for the exercise session. This was more or less compulsory, unless you had a disability or medical condition that prevented you from joining in ‘at your own pace’. The music would start and off we’d go – hell for leather. I quite liked this part of the evening as I got to feel a bit superior to those less fit than me. There was no let up in the pace and I watched as gradually those ‘heavier’ than me dropped out. So satisfying! Not the fattest and able to stick the pace.

Go me!

So, did it do any good? Yes, for a while I felt and looked better. I got back into some of my old smaller clothes and lost about a stone in weight.

Success in the 1970s, so why am I here again? This excursion with HMS Slimming World is beginning some thirty years later after dozens of attempts to lose weight ;   with all sorts of fad diets; with the aid of Weight Watchers; with several previous attempts with SW; with strict adherence to the low carb bible of the good Dr Atkins. And all successful up to a point.

I don’t know why I stopped each time I lost a couple of stones. Heaven knows I’ve never made it back to the weight I was in my twenties. I am now almost exactly twice the weight I was then!

                       (Pause while you calculate my current weight!)

It would seem that for a number of years now I have been carrying the equivalent of my former self around with me. Yikes!  So, it’s time to get that woman off my back!


Colours nailed to the mast!


Welcome to my first ever attempt at blogging!

I am a woman of a certain age who had to take early retirement on health grounds. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Hypothyroidism and Type 2 Diabetes. I look fine – not gaunt or haggard, or even interestingly pale, but I am often in a lot of pain. I take an assortment of drugs to treat the symptoms of these conditions and some of the drugs have unfortunate side effects – like weight gain………. I have been distracted from my growing size and weight in recent years, due to the fact that I have been caring for my elderly parents – particularly my mother. That isn’t an issue any more, as both are now in Nursing Homes, so there goes another excuse! I find it hard to excercise because my feet, ankles, knees and hips are so sore, due in large part to the weight they have to bear.

  I’m intending putting an end to the health worries and physical conditions which have developed over the years, becoming more serious as I gradually gained weight. Some recent flare ups ( and hard home truths ) have brought me to a point where I will do what I have to do – lose weight! Lose, in fact, a whole lot of weight!

I hope this blog will help me with what is destined to be quite a long journey. I will try to be objective about my own progress, and will also be commenting on a variety of issues that plague those of us who lean towards gaining weight. Maybe I’ll make some enquiries about different regimes out there – and give you the benefits of my research findings!


Last night I signed on with my local Slimming World group, and today I have perused their documentation, made my shopping list and cajoled my husband into joining me in following this path. I hope my determination doesn’t falter, and know that there are many people and strategies to help keep me on track, so I plan to make this my final attempt at losing weight – because this time, I will succeed!